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Default Re: How much do lyrics matter to you?

Larry and DED, your thoughts on this comment I mad earlier?

90% of lyrics concern matters of the groin ... oh, they masquerade as something meaningful but it's ultimately about the joys of being compelled by base instinct to find or keep a mate whom one deems best suited to propagating one's genes.

Then there are the hard luck tales about "the one that got away". I find it impossible to care unless there's a special lilt in the vocalist's delivery lol

I truly don't care about these little slices of Mills & Boon. A small % of songs have inspiring or interesting lyrics. They seem to be present so the vocalist has something to form consonants around other than scooby dooby shooby doo sh-bop sh-bop.

I agree with wsabol and PFOG - it's the moods and feelings that inspire music. Many, many bands write the music first and add lyrics as an afterthought. Maybe if more lyrics were meaningful or interesting and if singers performed with half-decent diction I'd be more into it.

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