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Default Re: How much do lyrics matter to you?

Originally Posted by wsabol View Post
Wow. I'm surprised to find so many of you are so into lyrics. I could not be more opposite. I believe lyrics can only detract from a song if they are written badly, but almost never really add to it. .
Well, I'm surprised anyone could feel the way you do. So I guess we balance out!

But if it wasn't for the lyrics, my CD collection would be a fraction of the size it is.

Don't get me wrong, I like some instrumental music, and I like many instrumental passages, and I have plenty of music that has bad/cheesy lyrics too, I even have some stuff that is not in English (i.e. the only language I understand), but good lyrics are the reason I got into so many bands I hold dear to my heart.

I can not fathom how anyone can NOT be into lyrics. It's incomprehensible to me.
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