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Default Re: Show us your '2 rack toms to the left of the bass' kits!

Normally I do this 3-up, 1-down but I think I'm sort of liking this setup...

Sonor Force 3007s

Toms, diameter x depth:

Bass Drum:

Snare is a Tama Melody Master, Mike Portnoy's signature snare, inner ply of steel and 8 plies of maple... 14x5.5 I believe.

14" New Beats
18" Xs20 Crash/Ride (I love this, even if it is cheap)
21" AAX Raw Bell Dry Ride (a really heavy one, this bell will deafen you with how loud and bright it is)
24" Giant Beat, possibly the most gorgeous cymbal ever made
16" Wuhan China

And not on my setup at the moment because I ran out of hardware is a 17" A Custom Projection Crash, which ironically is a bit thinner and possibly darker than the Xs20 and chokes much easier if I hit it hard so it's on the sidelines until I have more hardware for now...

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