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Originally Posted by DTportnoyDT
Who gives a crap if he only fits DT's music? I got breaking news, people: HE'S IN DREAM THEATER! Therefore, his drumming need only satisfy DREAM THEATER'S style, no one else's. And if you ask me, he does a pretty damn good job when it comes to that.

Why can't you leave the freakin' bashing out of these threads?

P.S. I don't give a crap if you want to jump on me and say "blah blah it's not bashing blah blah...." Even if it's not bashing by your accounts, it is still negative, and to me, that is bashing.
Excuse me but didn't you read my post? I also said "While I love Mike Portnoy and consider him to be one of my favorites of all time" But I also made a comment about his drum ability. I am like you, a devoted Dream Theater fan. Seen them 3 times and I'm only 16.

It's a fan's choice as to how much they like the drumming or music. This kind of wining (yours) makes me sick; someone that thinks there should be zero criticism. That's part of a discussion forum. So give me a break. If you can't bear to read anything other than glowing words about your favorite drummer ( as I said, MP IS one of my fave drummers ), I'd suggest logging off the internet now, permantely. Else suck it up.
That was my opinion I still stand by everything I said previously.
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