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Default Re: Recommend me some great blues albums!

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
BB King - Live at Cook County Jail. My father's favorite Blues Album

Everyone else has suggester many of the greats. You can get a good collection with a "Best of" collection from Chess Records. They had some killer musicians on that label.

Among those is also the great Big Mama Thornton. The pipes on that woman make me weak in the knees. After I heard her version of Hound Dog I wanted to slap Elvis in the face for even trying.

Also damn the pay-radio. Just open a free Pandora account and start a channel with a few of those names or "Best of Chess Records" album, lean back and take in the goodness.
RM, funny you should mention it, I heard Big Mama Thornton do a version of Little Red Rooster today on XM and here she is again. It was great, this is an excellent thread.
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