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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
jesus, that kid is amazing. finally there is a true prodigy, not just some kid with only chops. that four way coordination was crazy, drummers that have been playing for 10 years are lucky to do that. 100% props, i think we have another Dave Weckl on our hands.

here we go again, another person that wont give credit where credit is due. FOR CHRIST SAKE HES FOURTEEN!!!
I am giving credit where it is due... His speed I will freely credit NOT his musicianship. Yes he's 14 but that means less and less to me as I see the amount of 12-14 yr olds who have much more musicality in their own virtuostic playing. Among the young virtuosos out there I find this extremely mediocre playing. I cannot do this, but I'm not jealous or bitter. I'm being critical. I don't fault anyone else for enjoying it.
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