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Default Re: How much do lyrics matter to you?

Originally Posted by chaymus View Post
For all of my life I don't think I've ever heard a songs complete lyrics until I've listened to it dozens of times, I can probably count them on one hand. Most of the music I listen to and enjoy I don't comprehend what's being said, pieces sure, but not the whole thing. I struggle a bit in general to hear people in conversation, but lyrics in particular reside in my 'deaf spot'.

Things I hear well are drums & guitar, I can barely hear bass guitar and don't understand the lyrics unless I really focus on shutting everything else out.
I relate to this. I notice that you're into graphics and have a twisted sense of humour too. I wonder if there's a connection - a type of brain?

I miss an awful lot of lyrical detail and very few lyrics will get me in irregardless of musical content (the Indigo Girls's Closer to Fine is an exception). So I'm not a big Dylan fan. Most of the time I have no idea what he's mumbling about.

So I struggle to get past the sloppy diction of most vocalists. You need to be capable of thinking and processing quickly to pick up most lyrics and I'm more one to think slowly, train my focus on some some minutiae and then and analyse to death.

Still, the general impression of a lyric makes a big difference to me; the general vibe of a lyric can turn me on or off a song.

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
I think that to be a complete drummer, you need to understand what's being said in the lyrics so you can match/reflect the mood the singer creates with your playing choices. The more you listen for, the more involved in the song you become.
Rather than interpreting the lyric myself I instinctively support the singer's interpretation. The main difference here with your approach is that you're taking the initiative whereas I track the emotions without really "getting it" - a bit like a dog does :)

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
The reason for the song is in the lyrics, the lyrics are the song. (dance music and mindless lyrics exempted)
Huge exemption, Larry.

90% of lyrics concern matters of the groin ... oh, they masquerade as something meaningful but it's ultimately about the joys of being compelled by base instinct to find or keep a mate who one deems best suited to propagating one's genes. Then there are the hard luck tales about "the one that got away". I find it impossible to care unless there's a special lilt in the vocalist's delivery lol

I have no idea why music is so inextricably linked to matters of reproduction. Maybe when the mothership comes to collect me a crew member will fill me in on that little mystery.
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