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TL is why I even got started drumming in the first place.

His grooves always have "cool" stamped all over them.

Plus he is a great performer and when you go to see a band live,
there better be something to see and Lee delivers in that arena,
and he looks like he is having a blast and that is the key

ever watched a live band that sounded great but they all just stood there motionless?

ever watched an ok sounding band that put on a great show?

Well that's what Lee is all about - putting on a great show
but the icing ont the cake is that Lee has some real talent
I think he just prefers heavy grooves - I bet he could get technical and
intricate if he wanted to.

In the end - it's about making music - I am getting tired of hearing people judge drummers by how technical or intricate or complicated they can get...when it's really about playing what fits the song and creating that "groove" that draws you in
and makes you want to move...tap you foot, bob your head....

And again - I compare Lee to Bonham in the groove factor

Lee to me is the Modern counterpart to Bonham
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