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Default Re: Recommend me some great blues albums!

Originally Posted by Retrovertigo View Post
anything from Chess Records (i like the 50's stuff mostly)... some of which is already here such as Muddy waters, Little Walter (My babe is a great song), Howling Wolf, Etta James (spoonful is a great tune).

there's a lot more and the label as a whole has so much good music that it's worth checking into all of it. I would say that i dont think a good blues record has come out in a VERY long time but labels like Alligator and Fat Possum records made me revise that. although those dude's are all really old and playing a old style of blues that will probably die with them.

also albert king, bb king, freddie king, lately ive been loving Charles Brown (listen to Drifting Blues), Sam Cooke's earlier stuff (Red Rooster)

thats a lot of stuff... enjoy the music and the search.
This is great advice, I followed it and it paid off: The Three Kings, Freddie, Albert, and BB.
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