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Default Re: drummerworld in drum! magazine

Originally Posted by DogBreath View Post
I'm not sure but it sounds like you are suggesting that we remove registration to the forum in order to get more members. We have found that the registration does not keep anyone away who is actually interested in joining the forum but it does keep away almost all spammers. Believe me, it is not a difficult registration at all compared to some forums. I joined a forum where I had to give all of my information on the registration page, wait for the webmaster to personally review my request to join, wait for him to send me an email, respond to the email within 24 hours, and then post on the forum in the "Welcome" thread within a certain amount of time or my registration would be automatically deleted and my user name and email banned from the site! So you can see that our registration requirements are much more user-friendly.

As for the rest of your suggestions, we are already doing all of that. We have active moderators, we discuss current drummers, and we have links, photos, discographies, etc. The point that Bernhard was making was that if you only visit the forum and you skip the main part of DrummerWorld, you are going to miss out on much of this great stuff. Do yourself a favor if you haven't already and go to the DrummerWorld main page, and then start exploring this amazing site. You won't be sorry.
Old thread or not.

You guys are doing a great job as is! It can't be easy.

I know about 8 or 9 preteen drummers in our neighborhood and I love the fact that I can suggest this site to them and the parents.
For the most part the forum is clean and the haters are few.
I only wish there was a BASS site comparable to DW for my son...
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