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Default The Buddy Rich fast left hand singles.

I have watched and watched and watched a clip I have of him doing this technique on an open high hat in slow motion and practicing it daily paying very close attention to his fingers and noticing that his wrist really doesnt move.. I cant explain it but last night I was watching law and order with practice pad in lap and there it was. Not as fast as buddy of course but close to that clip. If that clip was 140bpm I would say I was doing 100-110. It just happened. I "felt" what it feels like to do it right and the whole key was having NO TENSION in the wrist, foreare or hands. Its like like a quote from Gruber.. "Get out of the way". I cant believe it.

Now I must admit that my poor brain is so tied up with the technique that I cant do anything else but thats ok. All in time. I wish I could explain it to you guys because now it just makes sence and whats crazy is how little effort it takes. You just feel it when it happens and whats crazy is I was about to give up on it. Wham, out of no where I can all of the sudden do this now and after the shock wore off I was able to get it up to the speed in the clip but not keep it there for very long. All in time.. I would say that the Steve Smith and Dave Weckl DVD helped this happen since I have a better understanding about proper stick technique and rebound. Even though i will likley never use this in my general playing its got to be good for my poor neglected left hand. Its so great to feel a little growth after feeling stuck for so long.
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