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Default Re: Recommend me some great blues albums!

Get willie dixon's blues dixionary - a couple volumes worth, mixed artists, great tracks all round.

Get anything with fred below on it.

Little walter

Frankie Lee Sims

Howlin wolf (holwin at the moon is one album name i remember)

(with all these artists, just get any good compilation of their stuff. im not good with album names)

Modern stuff like little charlie and the night cats. very quality musicianship with a modern sound.

modern stuff with a great sound: nick curran and the nitelifes (album nitelife boogie!) get it :)

big boy bloater - modern, awesome

keb mo - some good modern blues and contemporary variety stuff. great musicians

muddy waters

any of the obvious big names are very good too. john lee hooker, slim harpo, t bone walker!!, i could go on, hope that is a start.

EDIT: johnny guitar watson, clapton had some good stuff!, freddie king, albert king, albert collins

i think ill leave it there for now. sincerely check out all these artists. :) gotta love this music

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