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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I'm probably going to get on your nerves even more now, but i generally don't tend to listen to whole albums at a time. I know what you're talking about albums being too long, it's like they're just trying to get a hit by making as many different songs as possible and then shoving them into an album rather than thinking how the album will actually come together.
I don't have an issue with single-song listening. It's how the industry started and it's continuing that way with downloadable content. It's just my preference to listen to an entire album. I was brought up with Classical music always playing, so listening to extended works was never a problem and it's just how I listen to music.

With that said, my attention span is limited. Without variation in tone or theme, it's hard te get much beyond half an hour of the same band. If there is enough variation, I can listen to a band all day.
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