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Default Re: First ever record you bought.

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Some of the other albums have good songs here and there. I even like 'Frantic' if I ignore the lyric, but I just can't get through a whole album. They're too long and they lack variety. That's what I like about the three 'Classic' albums is that no two songs sound the same. On the other hand, you have a band like Slayer who have stone cold classic albums and all the songs sound similar (I'm thinking of you, 'Reign in Blood'!) but it's all over so quickly that it doesn't matter.

I do genuinely think that most bands make albums that are just far too long. 'Stadium Arcadium' is a great example of an album that could have lost half of the songs and would've been made much better as a result.
I'm probably going to get on your nerves even more now, but i generally don't tend to listen to whole albums at a time. I know what you're talking about albums being too long, it's like they're just trying to get a hit by making as many different songs as possible and then shoving them into an album rather than thinking how the album will actually come together.
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