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Default Re: What types of music do you listen to?

Everything isn't completely fitting as certain styles of music I find off-putting but it does come close. Really it depends on my mood.

I'm known as a metal and post rock guy I suppose, my tastes in metal range mostly from Black Metal to the Avant-Garde/Progressive, I'm hugely into a lot of bands like Rosetta, Cult of Luna, Neurosis and Isis creating mellow, atmospheric, heavy music.

I've always liked classical, particularly 19th century, and modern western art music, that relates back to metal through gothic/doom in a way but I'm happy to sit down and listen to some Astor Piazzolla - Primavera Portena any day of the week.

Jazz and Blues, I started out playing music playing Jazz and particularly the softer styles of jazz resonate with me, not going to throw around sub-genres but Blue in Green by Miles Davis, Chet Baker - My Funny Valentine or some Jazz piano like Brad Melandau.

Other then that, everything from alternative to indie folk, some forms of electronic music, some forms of hip hop though I tend to be quite picky with those. As a rule of thumb music needs texture and atmosphere to be appealing to me, it needs to have some emotional draw. Examples of electronic music I do enjoy include Indie, Trip Hop, House and some types of Liquid/Acid Jazz. Basement Jaxx - Good Luck, Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive or BOA - Duvet would be good examples.

I wouldn't consider that comprehensive, I have everything from Porcupine Tree to Booker White or Dirty Three on my iPod at the moment next to USBM like Cobalt and Wolves In The Throne Room.
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