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Great transcription.

When it comes to drum notation, sometimes I'm a little a thrown by the variations. Generally, I write hi-hat below the last line of the staff, below the kick, and I put the ride as the first x above the top line of the staff, with each ledger line above that for the crashes, with a circle around the x signifying the bell. Toms, snare and kick all seem pretty standard.

Is there a drum notation bible out there anywhere? If someone's got a link, I'd love to see it.


Oh, and about Lars. I owe him a debt of gratitude for inspiration to simplify my fills. While listening to his playing, I heard that he doesn't always keep both his feet going, not always requiring constant kick beneath it all. I use the hat to keep time through a fill, but unless the fill actually incorporates a kick hit, I tend to leave it alone while my hands get busy.

Being a "technical" drummer is all well and good, but I really like the guys who keep time with a modicum of style and put their own stamp on things without being excessive or flashy. I think the Lars of my childhood was those things.

To that effect, I find Mike Portnoy's Dream Theater drumming kind of irritating. I'm glad he's done with that; the Amazing Journey stuff is pretty fun.
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