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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

Originally Posted by illustrator X View Post
I have a 20x16 vlx bass, and love it. Prefer it without a ported reso though. Loses body and becomes to fast, allot of attack not enough boominess. Thinking about getting one of those little sub kicks. Do you recommend?
i put a kickport in the port. it doesn't do anything for the actual attack but it drops the resonance frequency noticeably when playing unplugged. sounds better IMO at least. but i have another head that's uncut for a backup.

i would only recommend the subkick if you're going to pair it with another mic. since it only picks up really low freqs it doesn't capture the initial punch. by itself, it'll just sound like a low muffled thud. here's a really good comparison with a mic and without a mic. listen to it with headphones or good speakers.
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