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Unfortunately, the best chance we had to stop the "tribal politics" of the same 2 parties winning again and again in the UK which was a referendum on changing the voting system was crushed by a massive majority because of scaremongering by the big papers and parties.
What is interesting to note is how populism and fear are still great elements of the mass media in the west and in third-world dictatorships.

After all, we happily accept the no-swearing rule on this and other forums, which is administered in a commonsense way. No one seems to mind if it's not gratuitous or abusive.
Ahhh, the social contract at work in an internet forum for drummers.

Sitting and thinking - meditation - is thought of as indolence today but over the years I'm coming to believe that taking time out to gain perspective on ourselves, people and our place in the universe is really, really important.
Agreed, living for the moment seems like such a fitting philosophy for such people who take time to focus through meditation or other means (like sport (which can be "zen" for some people), yoga, tai chi, music (especially the deep improvised kind), fine visual art etc.)...very similar disciplines if you ask me...they suit different people - not everyone has an ear for music or the patience and body for yoga.

is thought of as indolence today
That is a symptom of the herd mentality of the Western world (which is, ironically, - given our conformist consumerist lifestyles - day threatening individualism) not be dragged down.
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