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Originally Posted by eddiehimself View Post
I don't like to, but i have to agree with you about rupert murdoch and his media empire, the new "British Empire" as it were. I personally blame the people for the state of our respective "democracies" though. The media tell us everything to think- but we don't have to listen to them. Unfortunately, the best chance we had to stop the "tribal politics" of the same 2 parties winning again and again in the UK which was a referendum on changing the voting system was crushed by a massive majority because of scaremongering by the big papers and parties.
Eddie, I know what you mean. I wish I was wrong too.

It starts with scrimping on education and getting people so busy with work and family that they don't have time to think. Sitting and thinking - meditation - is thought of as indolence today but over the years I'm coming to believe that taking time out to gain perspective on ourselves, people and our place in the universe is really, really important. That was supposed to be the point of religion but it got hijacked by clowns who just want to kick around independent women and gays (divide and rule is an easy way for inferior intellects to achieve power and the church hierarchies are a good example of this). Religion, like politics, seems more and more to resemble a football team.

Whatever, that's just where we are in the power cycle at the moment - a force rises, hubris sets in, it falls, another force rises ...

Not that I think the way things have transpired with our weakened democracies ("mediocracy" seems a fitting term for Rupert's Kingdom) has been the result of plotting and design ... no conspiracy theories here. It's just the result of opportunism by both big biz and governments over the years and the tendency of power to flow towards the powerful. No billionaire will be charged for swearing :)

Even if you have a big clean out as happened in the 1890s with the rise of the union movement when children were working in coal mines etc, the cycle just happens all over again ... growth, hubris, breakdown, compost, new growth ...
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