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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by Garvin
I'm sure I'll be tarred and feathered for this... I'll try to be as diplomatic as possible.
Yes, I'm very impressed by his speed.
I won't tar or feather you. My flatmate got the MD2005 DVD the other day and we had a watch. He loved Eloy, thought he was the best thing on the DVD - even moreso than Jason Bittner or Chris Adler (he's a metal guy) and surprisingly even more than guys like Jojo Meyer or Keith Carlock.

Personally I didn't get it. He's an amazing, amazing player for a kid that age. Better than me now, and he's more than a decade younger. Astonishing. But from a musical perspective I didn't really enjoy what he did. The other "undiscovered" guy (Jon Willis) on the MD2k5 DVD did it for me a lot more - he had a lot less chops on show, but I think I'm in love with his cymbal set and he was hardly slack on the incredible chops front either.

And still younger than me. D'oh.
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