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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Personally, I don't mind speech restrictions up to a point. After all, we happily accept the no-swearing rule on this and other forums, which is administered in a commonsense way. No one seems to mind if it's not gratuitous or abusive.

Thing is, with freedom comes responsibility and, as we know, some people are either damaged goods or no damn good and - as the saying goes - they spoil it for everyone. Such is life. Get a big enough case of apples and you're going to get some bad ones.

When you think about it, we're restricted in what we "say" with drums too. If you say the wrong things with the kit you're judged in the court of public opinion. We spend a lot of our lives just reacting to things that crop up, that we have to do. You can't even be truly free alone on a desert island because Mother Nature won't let you have it all your own way.

The worst thing about the law is it's just another small step of restrictiveness, and it has a bit of a juvenile flavour ... naughty child, don't swear ... people would have actually sat in a room deliberating on this lol ... I guess all those complex issue papers on their desks didn't seem too inviting :)

Yep, Labor Party, the other half of our democratic charade.

I'll do my best :)
I don't like to, but i have to agree with you about rupert murdoch and his media empire, the new "British Empire" as it were. I personally blame the people for the state of our respective "democracies" though. The media tell us everything to think- but we don't have to listen to them. Unfortunately, the best chance we had to stop the "tribal politics" of the same 2 parties winning again and again in the UK which was a referendum on changing the voting system was crushed by a massive majority because of scaremongering by the big papers and parties.
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