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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by toteman2
You're entitled to beleive whatever you want. I'm not hear to convince you of anything. Continue to enjoy Buddy's work, I know I do. It's just my opinion and many others that there are some drummers doing things today that I find more impressive, technically and musically than Buddy ever did.

DrummerWorld provides us with hundreds of drummers and a blueprint to alot of their work. My adivise would be to research alot of these drummers and make your own comparisons if you see fit.

And lets get something straight. Buddy Rules! I'm not hear to badmouth him or present any negativity tword him.
Ok. Let's stay peaceful (I also enjoy the fact that you're a "lonely" internet surfer like me... heh not too many people around this time of the night - at least where I live in). I've already watched dozens and dozens of videos by hundreds of drummers from this site and while some are amazingly gifted, heh (as I've told you... I'm not to repeat all over again... that's really tedious, I admitt it...), i simply couldn't find one single person with all "those" qualities been put together at the time of one of Buddy's incredible solo momentum; but i'll respect your oppinion though. As i also enjoy many other drummers, not just the old Buddy.

Take Care (and sorry if I was rude... didn't really mean to be so... it's just my "natural" way of "feeling" the discussion... nevermind...).

- Ivo.
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