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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by CadaveR (Ivo)
No problem. Not at all. But could you please show me the videos? And which thing "that" drummer surpassed Buddy in? I can't see Dave Weckl's snare drum work been more inventive and faster than Buddy's. I can't see Virgil Donati being more creative, I can't see Jojo Mayer been faster, also can't see anybody else with the same qualities put together into one single person to this day. Buddy's solos (that if you've REALLY seen enough of them... just a dozen does not mean much at all) are untouchable. Speed control, effortless motions, trick-creations, chops, one-handed rolls, snare drum work, cymbals, everything is so different and sutile, I can't really thing of ANYONE that could provide me with so many atributes, so much qualities in one single person. No. Sorry. And even less "MANY" of them. If you really want to convince me and some people here, please just post some links to these many different drummers and tell me what has been improved so much from the later Buddy Rich's presentations to this day. Thanks.

- Ivo.
You're entitled to beleive whatever you want. I'm not hear to convince you of anything. Continue to enjoy Buddy's work, I know I do. It's just my opinion and many others that there are some drummers doing things today that I find more impressive, technically and musically than Buddy ever did.

DrummerWorld provides us with hundreds of drummers and a blueprint to alot of their work. My adivise would be to research alot of these drummers and make your own comparisons if you see fit.

And lets get something straight. Buddy Rules! I'm not hear to badmouth him or present any negativity tword him.
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