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Bear in mind that free speech isn't really free ... defamation, discrimination, incitement to violence, treason etc.
True, true. People can talk all day about how us westerners enjoy "freedoms" but really there are a myriad of laws in the way of such things.

Fairfax leans towards Labor while News Ltd publications are basically the Liberal Daily ... and since it's a Liberal govt initiative the latter doesn't care. Both sides still favour miners and developers over little people apart from "human interest" and hard luck stories to pick up the votes of "the battlers".
Hmmm...I always thought that The Age was a somewhat intellectual and conservative (both stylistically and content wise) newspaper, but the media takes sides and those sides are not always the same...they change what they report...

...these companies do not necessarily have to be so party-oriented, they are business minded.

Read with a critical mind.

I can almost see this thread being locked, so keep the tone calm.
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