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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by toteman2
I don't think he was kidding, in fact I would say he is correct. While I don't think there are many drummers more technically proficent than Buddy, there certaintly have been some. That is what happens with everthing given time.

Buddy was a showman, and the very best of his time. Alot of progress has been made off of Buddy's work. Now there are some drummers doing eveything buddy could do and much more. There are drummers today who excell at various styles. Evething gets better with time. It's evolution, and Buddy is no exception.

As much as I didn't want to write this in Buddy's thread, it had to be said.
No problem. Not at all. But could you please show me the videos? And which thing "that" drummer surpassed Buddy in? I can't see Dave Weckl's snare drum work been more inventive and faster than Buddy's. I can't see Virgil Donati being more creative, I can't see Jojo Mayer been faster, also can't see anybody else with the same qualities put together into one single person to this day. Buddy's solos (that if you've REALLY seen enough of them... just a dozen does not mean much at all) are untouchable. Speed control, effortless motions, trick-creations, chops, one-handed rolls, snare drum work, cymbals, everything is so different and sutile, I can't really thing of ANYONE that could provide me with so many atributes, so much qualities in one single person. No. Sorry. And even less "MANY" of them. If you really want to convince me and some people here, please just post some links to these many different drummers and tell me what has been improved so much from the later Buddy Rich's presentations to this day. Thanks.

Even the utterly respected Mr. ART VERDI and Mr. GENE KRUPA have admitted: "Buddy Rich is the greatest drummer who ever drawn breath; who EVER lived". And that goes directly against to: "hey... MANY DRUMMERS have surpassed Rich's abilities - just check it out" (ok, that last part "check it out..." is what has been missing here actually... would love to witness these so many genius drummers surpass Mr. BUDDY RICH. He's no perfect, OF COURSE NOT, but he was/IS THE BEST we've got (or at least, you should prove me I'm wrong. Any videos out there??? : )

- Ivo.


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