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Originally Posted by BassDriver View Post
Politics and mass media thrives on spin, but so far (strangely enough Polly) the reaction to this legislation in the paper (which I often read) is not at all supportive...

...or maybe its because I choose to read The Age (Fairfax) instead of the Herald Sun (Newscorp)...both are still owned by huge multi-national companies.
Fairfax leans towards Labor while News Ltd publications are basically the Liberal Daily ... and since it's a Liberal govt initiative the latter doesn't care. Both sides still favour miners and developers over little people apart from "human interest" and hard luck stories to pick up the votes of "the battlers".

Whatever, when it comes to influence - both here and abroad - Fairfax is small potatoes compared with the Murdoch empire.

Bear in mind that free speech isn't really free ... defamation, discrimination, incitement to violence, treason etc.
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