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Default Re: Nathan Followill

Originally Posted by HelenaHell View Post
Why he plays zildjian cymbals in the "Pyro" video?
Just saw the "Back Down South" video and there he's playing Zildjian aswell.
It has a shot with the bottom of of the cymbal and brand clearly displayed. In the "Pyro" video you kinda have to look for it.

It might not be that big a deal, but if your on the Paiste roster why not put some Paiste cymbals up for your video. Now the Zildjian name is clearly showing and im gonna buy some more Zildjian cymbals for that ^^

Think he's also playing Ludwig and Remo compared to DW and Evans but those names arent clearly displayed.

*edit LOL just saw them play Rock am Ring and Nathan is playing Zildjian :P gues he switched explains alot and makes this post invalid
also playing Remo btw so gues he's following all his endorsements in video's

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