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Default Soul searching (Somewhat).

So I just wanted to share my story to you guys and gals. I have kind of strayed from drumming for a while. For one thing, it has gotten a bit stale for me. second, I have fostered an affection to my future profession (social work.), so I have been reading up on it. Finally, about a few months ago, I declared myself an atheist, so I have been dealing with that also. (my dad STILL doesn't know, but that's mostly out of laziness. The rest of my family at least accepts it) I suppose the main focus on my search is due mainly to my atheist conversion, I've been researching about this, that and the like. (Currently reading The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, interesting stuff in my opinion.) I guess that my interest in social work is not to be overlooked, since I feel a great appeal to be part of this field (No. I won't have the power to take your kids away, much to contrary belief. Sorry. XD). I do not know when I'll be ready to get back into drumming, but hopefully it will be soon, yes? Well, many thanks to all who bothered to read this. Best regards.
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