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Default Re: The Grand Master BR

Originally Posted by Superlow
Buddy is to drums what Babe Ruth is to baseball. A legend larger than life. Certainly there have been limits pushed by many drummers who are considered more technically proficient. However no one pulled off such amazing feats with the showmanship that Buddy did. He had character and wit beyond what most drummer have these day's.
"there have been limits pushed by MANY DRUMMERS who are considered MORE TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT. However no one pulled off such amazing feats with"

Heh, you must be kidding. Really joking. I'm sorry but you're wrong. Saying "BUDDY RICH", "MANY DRUMMERS" and "MORE TECHNICALLY PROFICIENT" in the same sentence is ridiculous. Please prove it. I'd also love to see all those MANY drummers surpassing Rich's technical skills and going "beyond" (from where he went). Please? : )

- Ivo.
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