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Neil Peart is my all time favorite drummer. I know he is not the best in the world, but that does not mean he has not influenced me and helped me become a better drummer. My dad was and still is a HUGE rush fan. He introduced me to Rush at a young age and I was after hearing the first song I was hooked. I was bewildered by the way the drummer on this one track contolled the song. The creativity, the rythms, all these things created a perfect harmony between the song and the drummer. As I got older, I thought alot about why this one drummer could captivate me so much. I figured it out around the time I was eleven years old. Neil Peart can create melodies and back the rest of the bands melodies with the drums, an instrument traditionaly used as a back beat to a song. I relized that if you take Geddy and Alex out of the songs, and Neil was the only one left, he would be able to create songs and melodies from behind that monstorous kit of his. Neil captured people's attention early in his career with his creative rythyms and melodies and wouln't let anyones attention stray away, ever. He will always be inovating, always be creating, always be playing those jaw dropping solos that seem to grow and grow each year. Neil will always be one of the most greatest, most innovative drummers in the instruments long past.
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