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Default Re: Swearing Fines

Which big brother? The gummint or the really Big Brothers who tell the gummint what to do?
I am sure "Big Brother" would have better things to do than stop people from swearing

..."good heavens!...we can't have that sort of debauchery happening"..., this swearing matter is down to the courts and the police system

Anyhow, nineteen eighty-four and the last half of the twentieth century demonstrated how well you can control people by controlling the language, although people can thing outside of the confines of their language, language does shape thought to some extent.

I have heard a pithy quote somewhere:

"How do you tame a dragon?"
"Give it a name"

This wont take hold in Scotland, swearing is part of our fuc*ing language.
Swearing is part of most languages, but the attitude to swearing is different to different cultures, age groups, social groups etc.

Like I said, I doubt a police officer would do this kind of thing...unless they were really p****d at someone.
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