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MFB, Orkney is one of the most astoundingly beautiful places on earth. If another opportunity arose for me to go there, I would be on it like a badger oan mince.
Chris, Edinburgh isnt much better than Glasgow. I would probably say its worse. Still, at least its not Dundee!
I went there when I was twelve and it was amazing. My Dad used to go up there every year with his sisters and parents until he was about seventeen and they used to stay with the same old couple each time in Birsay. They were still around when I went there and I stayed with them too.

My aunt actually has a house there - but I'm not sure I approve of a rich Southerner buying a second home in Orkney. I'm not sure if that would be considered fair on the local housing market. I would love to live there if the opportunity arose, but I'm not sure my other half would! She's stuck on an island at the moment and I'm not sure if she likes living away from major cities!
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