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Default Re: Quitting Smoking

1. Slowly reduce smoking habits with extended gaps which will minimize addiction to cigarette smoking.
2. Keep some chocolates or chewing gums with you. Whenever you feel for smoking take one chocolate or chewing gum and keep in your mouth and concentrate in your work.
3. Whenever you feel to smoke immediately leave your room and do some physical exercise which is helpful to forget smoking.
4. Avoid company associated in smoking habits.
5. Avoid to inhale smokes from any smoking person surrounding you because indirect smoking will also be addictive and harmful.
6. Don't keep cigarette packet along with you.
7. Make a tour program in high altitude mountain trekking. In high altitude you will feel no urge to smoke. If you can spend a week in such high altitude place you can quit smoking. If you can motivate yourself after return at home that will be the best opportunity to quit smoking for ever.
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