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Default Danny Carey Set up


Im a big fan of Danny and the reason for this thread is his gear.

Im wondering if anyone would like to have a crack at telling me what size Danny's roto toms are that he is currently using on his tour kit.. My guess would be 13 and 14. they look big. I know he used to use 8 and 10 inch toms but the rotos are def bigger than that.

Also im getting confusing reports about the Sonor kit he designed with the varying shell thicknesses. From memory of the modern drummer interview he did back when 10K days came out i though he said it was made from some rare south american wood (i remember this cause interview said something about the trees being cut down and danny had quite a funny comment about it). Then other reports are saying its just a beech drum kit with outside plies of makassar ebony veneers.

does anyone wanna have a stab at that??? I recently got the australian importer of Sonor to ask sonor the cost of getting this kit made and what the specs where and their response was and i quote -

"the person who made that kit for Danny has since left the company and they have no record of what it is. We contacted Danny's drum tech and all he could tell us was that the 8" Tom = 7/8" (2,2 cm), 10" Tom = 3/4" (1,9 cm), 14" Floor = 1/2" (1,2 cm), 16" Floor = 1/4" (0,6 cm). So you are best to use the Sonor SQ2 configurator and use maple heavy or 8 and 10, medium maple for floor toms and vintage maple for bass drums as the craftsman in shell production told us they could not promise us they could make the shells with the thickness of Danny's"

Ok hope to hear back from some people :)
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