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Look, Tre Cool may not show off and do amazing drum fills like other pop-punk drummers do (ex. Travis Barker) and he may not seem all that amazing. But I doubt a man who has been playing drums for 21 years, recorded 9 albums, and has toured over and over again doesn't know what he's doing. I believe he's a talented drummer. Just because he doesn't show off all the time doesn't mean he doesn't have skill. And I hate how people who don't even know anything about them judge their talent. They must have talent or else they wouldn't be so popular. I think its really cool when simple songs can be so popular and inspirational.
I also went to two Green Day concerts last year, and at the one in May he did an AMAZING drum solo, he didn't do it in the one in September, but this solo was amazing. It seriously sounded like more than one person playing. Another version can also be downloaded if you search for Tre Cool's drum solo. It's very inspirational and shows his years of talent.
Playing that long, whether you try to get better or not, you've gonna get better at the drums no matter what.
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