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Default Re: Best Double Bass Drum Pedal

I have a Yamaha Direct drive double that's fairly smooth. It's from the series after the Flying Dragon models. 9410 I believe. It's very good for playing doubles with one foot, but it takes quite a bit of tweaking to set up the slave. once you do, You'll love it. I've had it for a about 2 years now with no major issues. I'd recommend buying a set of DW two-way beaters for it. The Yamaha felts are too flimsy. You really should go to a store with about $400-$500 in your pocket. that covers every major brand's price range. (Except Axis or Trick) and try out a lot of different pedals, Only you know what your preference is.

P.S. I totally agree with the above post about the Ludwig Speed King
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