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Default Re: 14 year old drummer who made me weep.

Originally Posted by NUTHA JASON

eloy casagrande.
just look at the speed and dynamics of his opening alone. Phwoar? and then he goes and does a benny greb type solo. what a star.

Excellent coordination, independence and speed, of course. There's something "there" (when he touches the tom-toms) that reminds me of Mr. George Kollias when playing some Death Metal. The typical tom-tom xtreme metal way is there. And just at 14. Amazing. Not the best drummer ever but very, VERY good for the age. I can remember Thomas Lang having a similar "tom-tom passing" technique (but even better developed, imo).

His double-bass coordination and speed are only matched by the BEST (of course, when it comes to the xtreme metal genre alone, not in general) xtreme metal players. Names like Kollias, Roddy, Sandoval and Hellhammer come directly to mind.

- Sorry for all the EDITs... English is not my first language... i'm still improving it. : (
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