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Default Re: Another unreal Buddy Rich solo!

Heh, for all the people sayin' Buddy couldn't be musical: I think you've NOT seen enough of them (videos). I've seen some rare Buddy-videos being very "musical" and not just throwing out "almost handomly" insane technically impossible tricks and chops or single-handed rolls every single second. The solos which are placed here, while great, don't really represent all of Buddy's "secret weapons", he could be extremely "musical", people just have to find those videos out and judge again for themselves. Even ART VERDI called him the GREATEST DRUMMER EVER. Just read his "testimonial". I'm still shocked when I watch all of Buddy's videos that I've got so far again and again. Every time seems to be the first. Simply God-given. If God could play the drums, he would be Buddy Rich.

Just my two cents (I wish they could be two "dollars" actually, heh).

Just didn't want to see Buddy being underrated when he doesn't really deserve ALL this negative feedback of "oh... he's insanely technical but that's 'all' ". Not fair on my book.

Take care.

- Ivo.
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