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Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
lol ... the worst I experienced was right at home about 10 years ago. An alcoholic living in my block of flats and her junkie b/f had a massive screaming match at 4am on Thursday morning in the driveway right outside my bedroom window. She was kicking him out and they had the volume at 11.

I was about to tell them to STFU (bugger the law) when I heard this exchange:

"A knife! A knife??!! You tried to stab me!! That's not what you do with a knife!!"

Pause. I'm thinking, no, a knife is for cutting vegetables ...

"A knife is for people who deserve it, not for innocent people!!"

At that point I closed the window.

PFOG, with the new law you're well and truly fu ... dged.
lol that just reminded me of this:
Underworked, underpaid and under-sexed...

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