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Default Re: Could the tide be changing?

Agree Eddie, the tax whinge was lame but I'm okay with that as long as it's not in the songs :) Anyone paying 4 mill in tax is having a damn good life.

My sis-in-law told me to listen to this new singer, Adele, and I was thinking "bleah, more plastic" and she played this:

I was stoked to hear a real melody, a real voice and a real groove rather than the usual plastic sex-kitten electro toy music. The other songs by her I've heard haven't done it for me but when you're lost in a musical desert you're grateful for what you can get.

Quite bizarre, though, to hear of this act being called "radical". Guess it says it all about how boxed in the scene is. Duncan, based on past form you'd imagine the suits will be trying to squeeze fluffy girls for a while yet before they start jumping into anything more organic. I mean, FFS, they'd have to start recording real drummers with all those messy expensive microphones and stuff again!
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