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Default Re: Don't Hold Your Breath!

Originally Posted by SergiuM View Post
Criz: You're certainly right about the Bible attempted to be corrupted by various people.. Like the gospel of Thomas (It said the cross grew and starting walking and talking..). But it was excluded because it did not follow true to what the Bible has said (like prophecies). There have always been people who have tried to taint it, but I still believe it to be, as a whole, true to what it was meant to be. I have faith in that (it is called faith, after all), just as you have faith in Evolution.

I agree with that. Everyone should know and research what they believe in. That's why I listen to other people's viewpoints, but it still has not changed my point of view, even after the research I've done.

..And have a great Memorial Day :)
Sounds cool, SergiuM. More power to ya. I never intend to convince people of anything. I just like to talk about stuff. Nice talking with you...
Yeah, well, you know, that's just, like, your opinion, man. --The Dude
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