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Default Re: What ever happened to music...

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
I don't think the musicians or the instruments get better, They get proceesed more. There are too many singers or actors that wouldn't make it past week two of American Idol or is it Idle. I'll take a live recording of any band before a studio album any day. Five instruments---do you really need 64 tracks to record on. Give me a break. The Beatles did it on 4 or 5 or 8 and still outsell the phonys of today.Only one band today had the proper name and that is Garbage. Where it all belongs. In fact they need a new genre for all music past 1990, called Garbage.

I agree and disagree .. autotune used to replace a missed note here and there is time and money efficient studio wise .. but using it to have note epilepsy is dumb .. amazing that the dude in that vid isn't making millions .. and he was just some dude interviewed on the news and someone else threw in a drum beat and autotuned it .. and r-tards think its amazing music .. asking if they can buy it on itunes?!?!?!? WTF.

over-digital recording is fine for basement studio projects being that the equipment is cheaper and it's easier to do it on your own, but pro level studios should be a bit better than that..

american idle? .. sounds about right .. what about televised american kareoke contest .. no one is important in a band but the singer right? why are we all wasting our time playing stupid instruments? .. where's american drummer, american band, american guitarist.. i'd actually check out a show about forming a band .. a few episodes auditioning various instruments then putting it all together..

. the beatles thing is irritating. I really don't see the genius .. sometimes i feel i'm the only musician who gets nothing at all from the beatles .. maybe if I had a huge bag of weed then listened to them i'd get it

and lastly .. not all music past the 90's is complete and utter crap .. top 40 radio is!. 99% of bands worth listening to will never get radio play
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