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Default Re: What ever happened to music...

Originally Posted by ambientgreg View Post
Just to clarify: I didn't say there isn't any good music to be found. I'm saying all forms of popular American music are basically over and It's time for a completely new form of music to appear on the face of the earth. If you think about it and really be honest with yourself, you'll see what I mean.
Man, I just can't get on board with that. But I guess I don't quite get what you're classifying as "popular American music" since most music these days comes from just about everywhere (granted, English speaking countries for the most part, but not always)

I listen to quite a bit of "pop" music that is really great, although the vast majority of it has yet to make a dent in the pop culture - yet.

At the moment I'm listening to The Naked And Famous, who are from New Zealand, but could just as easily be from New York or Portland, Oregon. I "discovered" this band because of a single they have occasionally playing on my local big radio station. I thought it was a catchy tune so I stream their whole record on Rhapsody and it's really great; they're very talented songwriters.

TV On The Radio is another. They're from Brooklyn and while I don't think I've ever heard them on the radio, they have been on Letterman a few times. Speaking of Letterman, I'd never heard of At The Drive In until I saw them on his show, which led me to The Mars Volta, which I've never heard on the radio.

There are so many ways to come across new music that I like that sounds new and fresh to my ears. I'm 44 and I don't spend much time at all listening to classic rock or '90s alternative because it isn't new to me anymore.

I guess I get bored easily, and I'm okay with that.
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