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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

Originally Posted by mediocrefunkybeat View Post
Nice. What's the deal? Anything specific? It's not like I've dealt with you before here unless you're a previously banned member. Classy.

I know attorneys aren't known for their politeness, but man...
The deal? You are talking about production in general and the production of this album in particular without knowing what you're talking about. You entered the discussion and started speaking with authority before ever having listened to the record. You then stated that Dave Grohl chose the wrong producer in Butch Vig (plus Alan Moulder) and should have instead chosen Steve Albini to do this album right. You then stated that Grohl should have mastered it differently because it doesn't suit what you think his garage aesthetic should be. You then incorrectly stated that it's too loud sounding because there is digital brickwall compression/clipping. Not surprisingly, way later on in this thread you confess that the Foo Fighters have never done it for you.

Now you are attributing what you and other people are hearing to tape compression. Not true. Tape compression is a small element of what you're hearing. There were many other forms of compression used at various points in the production process of this record. The greatest offender in terms of loudness and volume is multiple stages of outboard analog compression, not tape compression. Tape compression alone won't get you anywhere near the loudness you are hearing on this record. Not in a million years.

Your opinions about production are not based in actual knowledge or fact. Your desire to bolster your opinions through faux knowledge is not helping this community learn about production in general or the production of this album in particular. And frankly, I found it offensive that you quoted my first post in this forum and then dismissed the information I provided by repeating, yet again, that you think the album is still too loud. Really? Do you? Congratulations to you. What does that have to do with the fact that the album was mastered in analog and not digital like you represented? Nothing.

If you don't like the compression and loudness of this album as you hear it streaming on the internet (and I perfectly understand why you wouldn't...who could?), try buying the vinyl. It's not as bad. It's still too loud but not as bad. And, for the record, many knowledgeable people feel that Radiohead albums, starting with OK Computer, are way too loud. Big deal. That doesn't give me the right to jump into some discussion about TKOL production and start talking out of my ass about it.

I won't sit idly by and watch when people spread misinformation under the auspices of knowledge and authority. If that makes me unclassy and impolite, I am perfectly comfortable with that.
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