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Default Re: What ever happened to music...

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
These days, there are more people who want to play metal, than want to listen to it.
ROFL! for sure! as a guitarist and drummer yes - metal is fun to play
it is great to get tight with other metal heads and let out some of that angst...

but at the end of the day - it's the last genre of music I want to "listen" to

I don't "live" in the past but I do find myself really enjoying the music from
decades long gone....there is a real pleasantness to it that make it a relaxing joy to have blasting in your house while you do whatever...

If I'm jogging or working out then yes give me some METAL!!!
because it gives you that edge to pull some extra strength from....

I have a compilation set of 40's 50's and 60's disc set and it changed my perception of music forever to where it';s not about "riff's" anymore but about making a pleasant
sounding tune for people to enjoy....or dance to, or cry to, or pump iron to:)

On some level music is about how it makes you feel and how you want to feel.

I like metal music - but I am rarely in a "Metal" mood these days...
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