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Originally Posted by SergiuM View Post
[i]All[i] of it?! C'mon. If you're not into rock and such that's one thing. But if you are into rock, how do you not like 60's and 70's rock?!?!?! haha.
I am into Rock. Look at my kit. Do you think I play Country or Jazz with that thing. :) I just like how the Rock I listen to has evolved. As an example:

Growing up I liked some of my brothers stuff: RUSH, Van Halen, Max Webster, Jethro Tull, Queen,

Then when I started buying my own stuff: RUSH, Genesis, Cars, Kim Mitchel, Saga, Styx, Boston, Queen,

Now it is: RUSH, Tool, Shindown, RED, Tea Party, Alter Bridge, HURT, Chevelle, Ozzy.

Just to give you an example.

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