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Default Re: What ever happened to music...

Originally Posted by jingscrivenshelpmaboab View Post
'dude, its not metal, its Melodic Black metal with elements of Death Metal and cybergoth!' I just dont get it, I really, really dont.

Originally Posted by Stalwart_Pandora-Chris View Post
I like some metal and it's sub-genres, but marketed 'metal' like those two videos doesn't appeal to me at all... Some of it's even autotuned.
What you fail to realise is that EVERYTHING is autotuned these days! I bet even your favourite band who you thought were "kosher" (whatever that means in this context) use auto tune to smooth out some of the duff-notes. The difference is that what you think is "auto tune" is just done in a way that is obvious. Most bands use a more subtle version that is very difficult for the average music listener to spot, but if you listen really hard for it, it's there. Auto tune is not the enemy, you should stop being so picky about it.
<condescention mode again>I know the feeling, you're 15, looking for your identity and a purpose in life. That search leads you to become extremely anal about something, in this case music, as you try to feel like you belong to something. I know this feeling because i went through exactly the same thing myself. If you go on the Metal Hammer facebook page, you will find hundreds of other posters in exactly the same position, some of them aren't even 15 any more but well into middle age and simply haven't completed that search for themselves yet. They're all complaining about "core-this" and "not metal that" and the best one which is "why are you posting non metal bands on METAL hammer?" which i think is quite funny because they're perfectly happy for them to post bands like 36 crazyfists and Sick of it All which aren't metal, but what they're really saying by not metal is bands like Asking Alexandria, Disturbed and Bring Me The Horizon but to name a few. It's pretty pathetic really. It's music. If you don't like it then my advice is not to listen to it :)
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