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Default Re: What ever happened to music...

Bringing metal to the masses?.....I say it's a half-assed attempt at best, if that.

Granted that metal isn't the only genre I listen to, it's one of my most favorites. In my opinion, it's bands like the two that the OP posted that give metal a bad name. That stuff wasn't really even viable on a musical level, either. The first song was flat-out horrible - it didn't flow, the production quality sounds like an exact clone of similar bands that've just recently popped up. Like Polly said, it's not organic. I'm 17 and I wouldn't consider my ears to be "trained to the new sound" because I think a good bit of the more modern music is horrible. It doesn't have that IT factor that so much older music has.

I'd say that being stuck in the past is a good thing. IMO, that's where all the greatest music is, if you take the time / effort to dig really deep into it!

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
Agree with The Indian, heavily processed sounding music doesn't do it for me either. There's definitely a strong trend towards non-organic music, though. A lot of young people have had their ears trained to the new sound and think organic = sloppy.
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