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Default Re: Dave Grohl on "Wasting Light"

Originally Posted by Pocket-full-of-gold View Post
Is that how it rolls? They are indeed louder....and I've always rolled my eyes when they've come out and disputed it. Didn't realise the "peak volume limit" disclaimer though.

NOTE: this post is for everyone except Polly and MFB.
Not responding directly to this post (in deference to PFPG's wishes) but a general observation. The ads are the same volume all the time as the explosion that Arnie somehow managed to survive but much louder than the conversations he has with Sarah Connor.

So you turn your TV up so you know what they're mumbling and then when the ads come on you effectively have 5 straight minutes of explosions.

It's the same deal on the radio airwaves. You have more impact if you're just under redline all the time ... spots where the dynamic goes down will be lost to the listener in what is effectively a no holds barred battle of memes.
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