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Originally Posted by Zickos View Post
Not to beat a dead horse, but...

I an getting into a newly forming jazz quartet and we are thinking the same thing. What to name it? Thought about "The Grin n' Dig It, Gettin With It, Hoochy, Coochy Rhythm Band" but it just doesn't have that feel for a jazz band. Thoughts?
Zikos, that horse is alive and happily prancing around. No joke, if and when you get this band up and running please, please, please get some merch printed. I would buy a shirt with that band name on it and wear it to church. Well not really but you get the idea.

Oh! You could also start a group where you're front and center and call it "Candyman and the Rythm cats" It has a nice ring no?

I've entertained the idea of learning some old standards and reinterpret some newer covers with an old timey feel with my current band. It'd be set list filler for bar gigs and we could probably branch out and play weddings and parties under a new moniker.

My idea was "Mojo and Merry Melodians!"
Classy grip all day.
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